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Today as I am writing this post I am the Featured member of the day on IBOtoolbox.

Now you’re probably wondering why am I telling you this?

There are many reasons and I will give you the details on why this is significant for you to know.



As the featured member of the day on IBOtoolbox, you are guaranteed to get massive exposure and meet new business associates that you can network with and learn new things to help you grow your online business.

As knowledgeable as I am, I learn something new every day just by logging into the platform and reading, commenting and sharing several press release by associates in the community. This is known as IBO spirit and when you keep it alive and real, you will be branding your name online and gain massive exposure and build your network on the various social sites.


Just what is the reward for being featured member of the day on IBOtoolbox.

You will be getting massive exposure and traffic.

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As you can see when someone joins IBOtoolbox, they will see the featured member of the day. This is exposure and branding for your business. They will know you are a leader and successful. This is recognition and they will want to associate with you because of your status as featured member. This is the best position to be in and you can begin to build a relationship with the professional business people who have sent you a friend request.

NOTE: This is not Facebook, you don’t get penalized for adding too many friends in one day.

However you don’t want to send unsolicited messages promoting your business to someone you just met. This is your time to introduce yourself and develop a relationship.


I am about to close this post, I want you to know that IBOtoolbox is the BEST social networking platform on the internet for business owners. It keeps getting better and better every day.


Respectfully yours,

Terri Pattio

MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant’s heart

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Having a ball and did it all. I had Total Recall!

Having a ball and did it all. I had Total Recall!