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Social signals are likes, tweets, retweets and comments. All four will boost search engines rankings for your business websites. My strategy will teach you to do it right so you will get outstanding results.

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Natural one way backlinks are what Google wants; these are what you will get when you use my Twitter Strategy. You’ll get more tweets and retweets and this means more exposure for your tweets on Twitter. This will get you free targeted traffic from the search engines as your rankings go up, up to the top on all the major search engines.


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New engaged followers will get you more exposure that will generate leads to build your list. This will allow you to connect with them via email and they will become a potential customer. The money is in the list.

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Traffic generation will get you visitors to your sites, and conversions will get you subscribers/sales. Without traffic your business is dead in the water. Traffic is critical to your success online. My Twitter strategy will get you thousands of people seeing your tweets (exposure). Traffic generation is visitors going to your website, seeing what you have to offer and you must have a call to action. When a visitor clicks your call to action, this is the conversion. This leads to them signing up to your list or you making the sale.


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