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The BIGGEST reason for failure, people are NOT humble 
enough to recognize they don't know everything. 

Welcome to my MLM, Affiliate and Internet Marketing Training website. 
My name is Terri Pattio, I am an experienced network marketer,
MLM Coach and Mentor with a servant's heart.

I have been in network and affiliate marketing since 2005 and have learned many secrets 
the gurus don't want you to know. The so called gurus will tell you their secrets when you 
pay them a fee for the information. 
It's no secret, it's just there way of getting money out 
of you.

They will tell you their patented system helped them to make thousands in 30 days. What
you don't know is, they're telling you this to get you on their email list. What happens now that you're on their 
list. They will tell you about the business opportunity they're in and they want you to join them.
My friend you have been lied to. It was just hype what you read on their site. 

STOP falling for the hype.

Seriously folks many of the gurus are scammers.

I can help you to find the right business. 

So you don't lose your money or waste your time.  

The information I have for YOU will help you to succeed in
affiliate and network marketing so you will earn residual income and have a
happy life with peace and prosperity. The best part is, this information is free. 
You might be thinking what's in it for me? 

What's in it for me is the satisfaction in knowing that I helped you because 
someone did the same thing for me. So I'm paying it forward because it's the right 
thing to do and it feels good when I know that I've helped someone to reach their goals. 
When all is said and done and at the end of the day, this is what we should be doing anyway.
I thank God for my accomplishments everyday especially when I can help someone through education
and training. 
I'm blessed to be a blessing everyday.  
If you want to be successful and make money online.
YOU need a Mentor that will hold you accountable
so that you can move forward and achieve your goals in life.
You MUST get the skills and training needed for a successful
home business. 
I am committed and dedicated to helping you reach your goals
and this means when you are successful, then I am too.
There is never no charge for my training and mentoring and
I will help you with personal development
which is a must to do to attract the right people in your business. 
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The information is the truthful, and it's what you need
to succeed in a home business.  


I recommend that you check out my first business that I started in 

December 2012. I started it because I saw a need for this service because 

after doing research and discovering that people were paying too much

money to have a website built. My idea was to start my business listed below:  



One Low Price, one time! Sign up to schedule a free
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The idea is simple, you pay one LOW PRICE, one time and I will build your branding and SEO, mobile ready website for you. There is NOT a monthly cost for my services. Additionally you'll get other information from me to help you generate free traffic from the search engines. 

Many people get online and don't have a clue on how to do the things I mentioned above. They want 
to make money online and usually end up making all kinds of mistakes and this causes them to believe the internet is a bad place. The internet isn't bad, however you need to learn how to spot the fake websites (the get rich quick and fast money/ponzi schemes). There are legitimate websites on the internet, you just have to be able to know what's real and what's not. I will teach you everything you need to know so you will succeed online.  




Ask me any questions about internet and network marketing. I am happy to answer them all. I'm not saying that 
I know everything, and when I don't then I can always point you in the right direction to a source of information that
will be able to help you. I'd rather be a good finger pointer and guide you in the right direction because I don't want to give you wrong information that will mislead you so that you will not succeed online.
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You need skills and training to be successful in your online business. I am the one 
that can help you for free.