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IBOtoolbox vs. Google Mice – IBOtoolbox Works for Business Owners!

IBOtoolbox vs. Google Mice – IBOtoolbox is free to join. Grow your business and earn an income online.

In this corner, we have IBOtoolbox; a business marketing platform for internet marketers and business owners.

I am going to list a few of the important features on IBOtoolbox:

Mobile accessible business profile – When you join IBOtoolbox every member has their own business profile. I call it my online business card. They are built for the search engines and will get picked up in Google, Yahoo and Bing. They are mobile accessible and this means your business profile can be viewed by people using their mobile devices.

Targeted advertising system – You can advertise to targeted prospects worldwide and indicate where you want your ads to be displayed within the IBO community.

Lead generation – Everything you do at IBO will get you a lot of traffic to your online business profile. People searching the internet, IBO members can learn about you, and all the social media sharing that goes on inside IBOtoolbox will generate a lot of traffic to your business profile. When you refer others to the IBO community, they become your associate and you can begin to build a relationship with them (YOU earn credits when you refer like minded business owners). This is not the time to pitch your business to them. Instead help them to understand how the platform works. Keep in mind every member on IBO is a business owner and we help each other. We call it IBO spirit and it works very well when you do it.

Network Building – IBOtoolbox is a UNIQUE social site that allows you to connect with like minded business professionals. It will help you to achieve success by connecting with people that will help you to succeed by engaging in IBO spirit.

Press releases – As a member of IBOtoolbox you can publish two press release per day. Additionally you earn credits which you can use to advertise your business to targeted prospects. When you publish quality content with great keywords in your niche target market, it will get indexed and ranked in search engines. It will be pinged automatically to Google and other search engines.

PLUS many other free tools available for marketing your business.

Let’s talk about Google and I’m sure most of you know about the newest algorithm change coming on April 21.

I want to share my good friend Curtiss Martin press release where he shares some beneficial information that will help you to make your website mobile friendly for Google.

Click here to read it now. Remember to return here to continue reading my post because it contains some vital information that you definitely want to know about.

As I think about this newest change from Google. The only reason I figure they are doing this is monetary. Google is a business and they make money by selling advertising. According to stats 60% of website traffic is from mobile devices. What Google is going to be doing is indexing and ranking websites that are mobile friendly. The websites that are not mobile friendly will be gone from their search engines. Is this fair? Surely not. However it’s the world of business and so you roll with it. For some it will not matter and for some it will be a problem if they don’t have a mobile ready website. I am offering a solution, all you need to do is contact me for a free consultation and I will show you what to do to stay on Google’s good side. Google will always make changes that will affect your business. You must make the adjustment and keep moving your business forward.

One last thought and my solution to this problem. Here’s my recommendation. Click here and join IBOtoolbox free today. Set up your business profile completely (remember it is your online business card) because it’s your business page that’s built for the search engines. The content you put on it gets picked up in the search engines. When you have completed your profile, IBOtoolbox will issue you 500 credits that you can use to advertise your business worldwide. Next you want to publish a press release with indexable content and great keywords to your niche target audience. You will earn credits when you publish a press release. I recommend you introduce yourself in this press release and you can share¬† your business too.

Clearly this will be great for your business. IBOtoolbox will brand your name on the internet, drive targeted traffic to your business website and you will earn an income online when you learn how to utilize all the tools available to you for free on IBO.

Don’t be worried about this newest change from Google. When you think about it, this whole process will take time to sift through all the sites they have in their search engines. Guess what I have the solution and feel free to contact me via IBOtoolbox by joining free right now.

Featured member of the day - January 11, 2015

Featured member on IBOtoolbox (#14)

I am interested in seeing your comments and wish you much success in your life and business. If you found value in this post, please share with your friends on your favorite social site. I thank you for reading and I shall see you at the top.

Terri Pattio

MLM Coach

Mentor with a servant’s heart

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