Personal Branding – How Does It Look If You Have a Bunch Of Fake Followers and Likes?

Personal Branding – How Does It Look If YOU Have A Bunch Of Fake Followers and Likes?

In all honesty, it’s very bad for your personal branding. This is the subject I will be talking about in this post.

I will give you the low down on why you don’t want to have a bunch of fake followers and likes. I recommend you think about what I am telling you, since it is concerning how you are branding yourself online. This is a very important subject and I don’t believe a lot of people realize how damaging it can be to their reputation if they choose to buy followers and likes.


Branding Yourself

Branding Yourself



Last week I was reading an article by a good friend of mine and it started me thinking about writing this post.


Below is an excerpt from his article and I will put a link at the end of my post so you can read his entire article.  I highly recommend reading the entire post. It’s very important for your brand identity.

The Danger of Fake Followers

Watering down your fan base with fake followers and even fake “likes” can have serious consequences for your brand. There are two main ways this can affect your brand. Fake followers will affect your effective reach, and they can also do serious harm to your credibility.


Do you recognize what the statement above is saying to you. One word is standing out to me. Do you see it?

Your CREDIBILITY will be harmed seriously!

Do you understand the impact of buying followers and likes? It’s not a win win deal and you’re spending your money and YOU will not get the desired results.


Here’s another excerpt from the article:

It’s pretty easy to tell when someone has a lot of fake likes and followers. If it’s obviously a new page, and has over a thousand likes, you can bet those are fakes. On twitter, you can see followers. Fakes are easy to spot, but there’s another way. Go to a person’s profile and check to see how many lists they have been added to. If they have thousands of followers, they should easily be on at least a few hundred lists.

It makes me so mad when I see people selling followers or likes on Twitter and Facebook. They in it for the money and it’s not fair. However, so many people will fall for this deception. It’s fraudulent and it’s time for it to end here and now. It’s like buying leads which we all know is a scam and there are people who still do it. If the leads are so good then why are they selling them? Why not use them for their own business? The same holds true for these so called followers and likes, if they are so good why are they selling them? The answer should be obvious. It’s ALL about the money. Hello! Wake up people and quit falling for the obvious scam.


Personal Branding is integrity and credibility.

Personal Branding is integrity and credibility.



Don’t risk your branding status with foolish nonsense, it’s not worth it in the long run. If you do your credibility and integrity will be hanging by a string. This is not an easy fix when your business is dead and your personal branding is gone too. Make sure your brand identity remains intact so you can take your money to the bank from your successful business that grew naturally based on your integrity.



I shall part with this final excerpt from his article and it goes like this:

The bottom line is, fake followers do nothing for your bottom line. You will never make a sale to a fake twitter account. Fake Facebook likes will never grow your organic reach. Singing to a fake audience is a good way to go broke.

If you keep putting out good content, and ask people who see it to like or follow your social accounts, they will grow organically.


I recommend you read his entire article at the link below:

Fake Followers May Be Dangerous To Your Brand’s Health


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