182 New Twitter Followers in 27 Days – My Simple Strategy Works!

182 New Twitter Followers in 27 Days – My Simple Strategy Works!


March 31, 2017 – 246 new/real Twitter followers in 31 days.

910 Twitter profile views


   Twitter Strategies is Dynamite!  I hadn’t been active on Twitter for a while.
   But when I started  back  it was with Twitter Strategies, and I started getting
   followers right away.  As soon as I figure the strategies to Tweet my website links,
   I know I will have success online.  Robin Robinson


My Simple Strategy Works to Grow Your Twitter Network Daily when you use it consistently.

See the proof below:

This is my Twitter Analytics as of March 27, 2017


I expect to have 200+ new followers before the end of March, as I am writing this I am getting new followers right now.

Over 200 new followers every month, and all you must do is follow my simple strategy. I will teach you my strategy.

*Get Lifetime access to my Twitter Strategy. 

I could ask for more money and some of the guru marketers would ask for big bucks. It’s not about the money for me, it’s about helping people to be successful in every area of their online marketing business. Twitter is a great site and so is my Twitter strategy training.



This is my Twitter stats (above) on March 13, 2017. As you can see I had 110 new followers. That’s 72 new followers in 14 days, and I believe my strategy is working very well. At this rate I will have over 200 new followers before the month is out. I will keep you updated in a future post.

Now it’s your turn if you want to increase your Twitter network daily, I will teach you my simple strategy. The price is right and the time for action is now.

Additionally you will be getting Twitter tips from me via email periodically. They will help you to use social media sites effectively so you can grow your business online. You want residual income right? Of course you do. That’s what we all want; residual income.   


They are real followers, no fake followers. I don’t buy followers because I don’t have to and I’m known by many people on all the social media sites. I have a great reputation online and offline, feel free to check me out on Google.



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