Twitter Marketing – People Are Talking about TP Twitter Strategy Training!

Twitter Marketing – People Are Talking about TP Twitter Strategy Training!

Twitter Marketing – People are talking about TP Twitter Strategy Training!

Yes indeed they are, and I will share with you real testimonies from people that are already achieving much success using it.


Jeffrey Hartzog

testimony/review below.

I have no doubt it works and when I really put myself into it, I got well over 100 followers in one month.

Robin Robinson 

testimony/review below.

I’m making fast progress using the Twitter Strategy. Not only has my Followers grown but they are quality Followers. And some have huge Followings of their own. I liked Twitter always, and this Strategy is Awesome! 

John Kespert 

testimony/review below.

The more people who we can build a relationship with the better. Being able to get over 200 new Twitter followers every month would benefit any marketer. That is well over 2,000 more every year.

Twitter Marketing Tips: Retweets is a social signal and backlinks to your Twitter profile. Do it daily and you’ll see increased profile visits. 

George Pierce 

testimony/review below.

Twitter equals traffic, now couple it with SEO Today and add some of Terri’s secrets and we have what every website needs. I rely heavily on SEO and Twitter, so I can attest to the value that you offer. Thank you, Terri.

Tom Riach 

testimony/review below.

You never cease to amaze me Terri! There are very few places and few, if any, people offering the experience, knowledge, practical help and value which you do. Exceptional does not even begin to describe you and your work .. anyone intent on marketing success need only follow you. You are the real deal!

Sigurd Skeie 

testimony/review below.

Again I have to recommand you folks to check out Terri’s great work. Terri has a lot of experience and a lot of great tools, experience is TOP!

Twitter Marketing Tips: Always pin a tweet on your Twitter profile page, this way when people visit, they will see what you want them to see. Your message should be attention getting with a call to action. This can be a link to your lead capture page or business website. 

Louise Kinnear 

I had a total of 19 people following me on twitter in February of 2018.

My “following” now stands at 521 as at 09.06.18 – an increase of a whopping 502 people in less than 4 months!

The moral of what I believe Terri is getting us to attain, is that we need to teach our twitter followers, how to build a network of “IBOspirited” people.

Thank you Terri, for having a servant’s heart and always being prepared to assist wherever you are able.

James Wright

Recently Terri invited me to join her program called #TPTwitterStrategy, in which she would teach how to get more leads and expose my business simply by making posts and retweeting others posts on Twitter.  Of course there’s more to it than this, but she also teaches how to get your tweets (#ibopr) properly listed in the search engines also known as (#SEO) so you
can Grow your Twitter Network Daily.

I am pleased to report that just in the past week, I have had a remarkable
increase of posts, up to 966% & my #SocialSignals on #Twitter have also
significantly increased.

My take on the #TerriPattio #TPTwitterStrategy is definitely a must to have in your arsenal of tools for success in online marketing, especially for increasing your contacts for survival.

Jaye Carden Marketing 

testimony/review below

I like the Twitter strategy a lot. I am not the most active on Twitter, but it has helped me to get more followers from the little I have done.

I am in so many areas, I have limited time to advance specific strategies. I like to spend the majority of my time talking to new people on the phone, and creating new content on my blog and Youtube.

But I wanted the strategy because Twitter can help drive traffic to those sources I mentioned, and that was the idea. To get more influence on Twitter, and I do plan on doing it as much as possible.

So for me, the strategy is to increase active Twitter users following me, who then lead to my content, who then become sales and team partners. So it has a very good use to me and I am glad I got it from you.

Twitter Marketing Tips:  Use hashtags that will attract followers in your niche. This is how you will build a network of targeted followers that you can engage with and get to know them. Relationships is the key to success online. You don’t want to send them a message asking them to look at your business link. This is an open invitation for them to reverse market you, now they will send you their business link. This doesn’t work and you will not be successful if you do it this way. Most people on Twitter will follow you and as soon as you follow them back, they send you a message with a link to whatever they want you to see.

See example below on how I handle it:

When this happens to me, I reply back with a message saying “nice to meet and thanks for the info.” Next I say “I look forward to seeing your tweets and getting to know them better.” If they don’t reply back then you’ll know they’re not interested in getting to know you. They just want you to look at their link and sign up/join so they can make money when you do. You’ll run into many people like this on all social media sites. Don’t get caught up into doing this because it doesn’t work for long term success if you want to earn residual income from your online business. 

In Conclusion: I recommend that you sign up to get access to my Twitter Strategy Training. After you sign up and confirm, you’ll receive an email to your inbox. Be watching for the email and you’ll find the access link to my strategy training report. It’s a short report and I recommend you read it twice very carefully before getting started. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime and I will answer at my earliest convenience. 

NOTE: You’ll need to sign up and pay for access now. Check your inbox for an email from me, It may take a few hours or more before gaining access. Please be patient and I’ll give you access as soon as possible. 

Terri Pattio

Social Media Strategist


  1. Hi my name is Sharon Naraine and I have to share my experience about this Twitter Training from Terri which is amazing. I must say that I am not that active on Twitter due to my time as I am the sole caretaker of my 83 years old mother.
    With Terri’s training I can safely say that I have over 500 new followers.
    I would encourage everyone to get Terri’s Twitter training.

    Thanks Terri, you are the best.

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