Book Review by Terri Pattio: Deer-Resistant Gardening in the Midwest

Book Review by Terri Pattio: Deer-Resistant Gardening in the Midwest

Today I will be giving my book review/recommendation for a book I read by the author Sue Monson.

When I started reading this book, I noticed right away that it held my attention and the information was interesting to me. The images presented in it were very colorful and filled with information that is beneficial for all the gardeners out there.

This book review will give a brief summary about it. I will break it down and give you insight on what you can expect when you get your copy at the link below. You will be wanting to finish it so you can take advantage of what you have learned.

Here’s what I learned in the first few chapters.

What I like best when she start out, she gives you a pre-planting checklist. Additionally the chapters aren’t long and drawn out. She gets to the point of telling you the information you want to know. The chapters are short and to the point right away. She tells you what you want to learn and know. That’s a good thing for me because I tend to lose interest if the chapters are too long. However this book is different. it held my attention until I was finished reading it.

The next chapter is one paragraph about chemical repellent. It gets to the point right away.

In chapter number three, this is where the author talks about deer-resistant plants. I warn you there is powerful information that you must know. It will be beneficial because I learned a thing or three from chapter three even though I don’t live in the Midwest. I will recommend this book to people I know who lives in this region.

In chapter four she talks about “Invasive or Poisonous Plants” and I found this chapter in the book to be beneficial as well. She goes on give you a short list in the book. I believe most gardeners will want to know this information. It will help you to read this chapter carefully.

There is a useful links section to tell you when to take your plants outside for the spring. This is useful information to know when deciding if you want to bring your plants outside for the springtime.

Get your copy of the Spring Edition now. The Fall Edition will be coming out soon.

The next chapter I will be summarizing for you is chapter 6 (beginning at page 23), which is the best part of the book because of all the images and descriptions given for each “Deer-Resistant plant.” Additionally she will share with you tips and ratings for each plant. This chapter is lengthy because this is heart of the book. It’s the reason you will buy this book today.

Finally there is a BONUS SECTION for you talking about Rabbit-Resistant Plants.

This concludes my book review on “Deer-Resistant Gardening in the Midwest” Now you can take the next step by the clicking the book or the link above to get your copy now. If you’re serious about having a garden you can be proud of, then your best bet is to invest your dollars into getting this awesome book by Sue Monson.

Respectfully yours,

Terri Pattio

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