Twitter Marketing – TP Twitter Strategy training Will Grow Your Email List!

Twitter Marketing – TP Twitter Strategy training Will Grow Your Email List!

My Twitter Strategy Training will grow you a targeted network of Twitter followers daily and build your email list as well.

My main focus when I developed my Twitter Strategy training was to connect and get to know more about the people that were following me. The only way to do that is to follow them and see what they’re tweeting on a daily basis so you can see what they’re interest. This enables you to get to know your Twitter followers.

My Twitter Strategy training will help you to do all that and more when you follow my training techniques. What I know for a fact is that many people don’t understand how Twitter works.

 Question: What about traffic by social network?

Which networks drive the most traffic per 100 followers?

Go ahead take a guess, which one do you think it would be?

The information I am sharing with you is based on a new study did by Neil Patel.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram drive the least amount of visitors per 100 followers.

Instagram isn’t much of a shocker, though, as you can only drive traffic through bio links and asking people to swipe up in stories.

But what was surprising is the amount of traffic Pinterest drives. Pinterest was the best performer, followed by LinkedIn and then YouTube.

As stated above Facebook, Twitter and Instagram drive the least amount of visitors per 100 followers. This is why my Twitter Strategy training is focused on getting targeted followers and building your email list. This is key for your online marketing efforts. Folks you must realize this and make it a priority to get access to learn my Twitter Strategy training. I will share with you the testimonials from real people that are using my strategy, and having success.

 Question: Does posting more often mean more social   traffic?

For the answer to that question, let’s take a look at Neil Patel study.

As you can see from his study, the goal should be to only post content people love and want to engage  with. It’s important to note here, this is what my Twitter Strategy training is focused on doing for you. You will grow a network of targeted Twitter followers that you can get to know, like and trust. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 10,000 followers, if you’re not engaging and connecting with them personally. You cannot develop your relationship with your followers if you don’t take time to visit their profile and see what they’re interested in. Don’t start sending any messages to your new follower pertaining to business opportunities you’re involved in. I always like to visit their profile and see if we have something in common. If I see something on their profile that I like to share with my followers, then I will retweet it. They will get a notification that I retweeted their tweet. This is the beginning of your engagement with your new follower. 

 The money is in the list!

List building is one more thing my Twitter Strategy training focuses. As you can see below from Neil Patel study: when you share and post content to your followers, this will increases your chances of getting more visitors to your Twitter profile. This is what my Twitter Strategy training will teach you how to convert your followers into subscribers on your list. Now you can begin to develop your relationship with your new friend.


Social media is still strong and kicking. You may only be able to generate 2 visitors a month for every 100 followers you have, but that scales as you grow your social following on every network.

Plus, the brand effect you can get by doing things like tweeting videos and sharing beneficial content that will also help significantly to help you with your Twitter Marketing.

TP Twitter Strategy is the most effective marketing training on the internet that will help you to be a successful online marketer on Twitter. Simply click the banner above and sign up for a 14 day test drive.

Respectfully yours,

Terri Pattio

MLM/Network Marketing Coach/Mentor with a servant’s heart

Twitter Strategist